Hey there Lyricord users! We here on the Lyricord Team are extremely excited about our awesomesharing feature. This feature makes it easy to show Lyricord tracks to your friends and family. Here are a few reasons why you should start sharing!


If you don’t feel like sharing your song with your entire social network just yet, you may choose to show your work to a small audience, instead. Just send your song through a text message or email for a more private sharing option. Feeling brave? Go ahead and upload a link to Facebook and/or Twitter so all your friends can listen up! The music business is all about self-promotion, and our sharing feature makes it easy for you to be heard.


You may not know that, in addition to sharing your own creations, you can share other Lyricord users’ songs. When you find a song in the app that you love, share your discovery. You never know, the writer may just get discovered and hit it big. You can say you were one of the first to hear the artist’s work!


So go ahead! Select the share button (located next to the “like” button on the song’s page) and get to sharing. Don’t forget to add a message telling everyone why you love the song.

Share Button